If you like plants, left handers, and minimal design we should go grab a cup of coffee. I am a graphic designer and production artist who cares about your jobs individual needs. I truly enjoy the challenge of taking a few images and some text and communicating as clear of a message as possible. Here are what some people have said at the end of the process:


You make it look so beautiful and classy, while effectively helping us continue to burnish our brand. I’m very grateful for your skill and patience.

– Michael G. | Fort Wayne, IN


I’d never had a logo made before and didn’t know where to start. She walked me through the process step by step and I am so pleased with the final product.

– April E. | Portland, OR


Rachael added an extra graphic element to the envelope and designed cards to seal the envelopes that made the whole thing look better than anything I saw in the wedding brochures.           

– Summer R. | Seattle, WA